Saturday 16 Walking ART AND NATURE  Amazing “Val Castoriana”.  Walking from Preci to Norcia along the Val Castoriana, a blend of history, art, culture and nature. Difficult to explain in a few words the peculiarity of this little valley known, made of caves, hermits, churches, abbeys, ruins, castles, forests, trees and mountains.
Difficulty medium level, 15 km, difference in  altitude 500m.
Departure 9 am, meeting in Norcia car park, arrival 2 pm at Norcia car park cost € 10 per person
Saturday 23 Walking ART AND NATURE The charm of Valnerina (Abbey of SS.Felice and Mauro-Vallo di Nera -Abbey of SS Felice and Mauro) A beautiful excursion suitable for all where art, history and nature are intertwined in glove ! It starts from the picturesque abbey of SS.Felice and Mauro to reach one of the most beautiful villages of the area: Vallo di Nera. From here we descend along the old railway  Spoleto-Norcia route.
Difficulty easy-medium, 10 km, difference in altitude 300m.
Departure 4pm from the Abbey of SS.Felice and Mauro (Castel S.Felice)
Cost € 10 per person
We have dinner together at the end of excursion? Inside the abbey there is a very nice restaurant!
Sunday 24 on BIKE On the road of Sagrantino wine (Montefalco area) A spectacular route  among hills, villages and cellars.
Difficulty medium, 35 km, (secondary roads without traffic) difference in altitude 350m.,. Departure 9am from Montefalco, returning 1pm
Cost € 18 (bike rental + guide), € 10 excluding bike hire
Saturday 30 on BIKE Between Umbria and Marche in Colfiorito Regional Park: water, nature and history A nice ride in the nature to get to know a beautiful place to be discovered on the border between Umbria and Marche: the Colfiorito Regional Park. A unique landscape, made up of six plateaus and a bog, enriched by fields, archaeological remains, and migratory birds.
Difficulty: easy 25 km, difference in altitude 300m.
Departure 4pm Colfiorito  Arrival 7.30pm
Cost € 18 (bike rental +guide), € 10 excluding bike hire.
Sunday 31 BICYCLE Along the Old Spoleto-Norcia railway: on the trail of the blue train. (From Spoleto to Abbey of SS.Felice and Mauro). Amazing, inforgettable and adventurous route. Along the path there are tunnels, bridges, viaducts silence and nature!
Difficulty easy, 18 km, altitude difference 300m. (for mountain bike)
Departure9am  from Spoleto-Piazza Garibaldi, Arrival 1pm

Cost € 18 (bike rental +guide), € 10 excluding bike hire.

Saturday 6 walking  Along the “Valle della Scurosa” The Valley (near Sefro-Macerata)is located near Monte Pennino (1570m). It is a lonely place, still intact, where human presence is only felt by the remnants of charcoal, for the rest of beech trees and streams.
Difficulty medium,12 km, difference in altitude 600m.
Departure 9am, meeting in  Colfiorito  Arrival 2pm
Cost € 10 per person

Saturday 13 waliking Water, nature and archeology A loop tour  to admire the beauty of the plateau of Colfiorito and other plans. During the tour you can see the remains of an ancient castle, watch the birds of the marsh and admire unforgettable views along the Via Lauretana, a route taken by pilgrims had to go to Loreto and the Holy House.
Difficulty easy-medium, 13 km, difference in altitude 400m.
Departure 4pm from Colfiorito,  Arrival 7.30 pm
Cost € 10 per person

Sunday 14 BICYCLE From Assisi to Spoleto along the bike path Assisi-Spoleto. A little trip to the discovery the best of the Umbria region riding  between fields and small villages, along the cycling path.
Difficulty medium level, 55 km, difference in altitude 300m,
Departure from train Assisi station 9 am, arrival in Spoleto 3pm
Cost € 18 (bike rental+ guide), € 10 excluding bike hire.

Sunday 21 BICYCLE Stories between water and oil, A nice ride along the bike path of the Umbrian valley to find out in the countryside outside of Spoleto and its jewels.
Difficulty: easy 25 km, difference in altitude 150m
Departure 9 am-Spoleto Piazza Garibaldi Arrival 1 pm
 Cost € 18 (bike rental guide), € 10 excluding bike hire Suitable for Families with Children

Sunday 28 BICYCLE From Assisi to Spoleto along the bike path of the Umbrian valley. see the program of 14 August

Necessary to book: Antonella Tucci,, +393488916928